A definitive guide to Adelaide's dog friendly venues

As a nation, Australia has one of the highest rates of dog ownership in the world. A higher proportion of Australians live in households with a dog and/or cat than with a child. So it's only natural that we would treat our dogs as more than just man's best friend, but as a part of our families.

Ever wanted to take your dog to with you to a winery on a Sunday afternoon but have no idea where they'd be welcome? Or to the pub for a cheeky Guinness? Restaurant? Cafe? Camping?

We're here to change that by providing you with a searchable directory of every dog friendly venue in Adelaide and South Australia.


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did you know?

There are over 300,000 registered dogs in South Australia

The term ‘fur baby’ was officially added to the english language in 2015, with both the Oxford English and Macquarie Dictionaries including the term

In 2016, 65% of households with dogs regarded them as part of the family

Australian households are spending more than $12.2 billion on pet products and services annually

Where can I take my dog in Adelaide?

No doubt you spend a lot of time apart from your dog during the week, so it’s only natural that you would want to spend your down-time together... after all, isn’t that why we have dogs?

Do you wish you knew of more places that would welcome you and your four legged family member? Explore the best dog friendly venues in Adelaide & South Australia below.

our tips for well behaved dogs

When you take your dog places with you, they need to be on their best behaviour, so we've put together some expert tips to help you get the best out of your adventures!

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    Choosing an organisation to adopt from can be a big decision! Here are a few tips to make sure you and the rescue animals have the best experience possible...

  • preparing for your dog's photoshoot

    So you’ve found a professional pet photographer, what do you need to consider now?

  • Doggy Cafe Etiquette

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