our story

Like all good stories, ours began with wine...

It was a Sunday afternoon, we wanted to visit a cellar door, but we weren't willing to leave our pooch behind. We have a few local go-to wineries that we know are dog friendly, but we wanted to go somewhere NEW!

I got to thinking that someone should create a directory where people could search for dog friendly venues around them, or within a certain suburb/postcode.

Why couldn't that someone be me? And so, just like that, Take Me Too was born!

Since it's inception, Take Me Too has been so well received by Adelaide's dog owners and I think we're all so excited for this puppy to launch!


cooper puppycooper's story

To be honest, the real story of Take Me Too began when I made the decision to bring a new dog into my home. I had been looking at all the rescue groups on facebook for months and months when I came across a picture of a puppy on YP Puppy Rescue. I knew instantly that this was my dog, and applied immediately. 

The application form was extensive, but it put me at ease that Heather took this adoption business seriously... she wasn't just giving these dogs to anyone! Once I'd submitted my application, I was advised that 'Ike' (as he was then called) was quite a popular boy, and had received a lot of applications... but that they would be reading through each and every application to find the right home for him. Which, because I worked from home and he had some anxiety issues, turned out to be mine!

Having lost my first and only dog a few years previously, I had reservations as to whether I was ready for a new four legged friend, or if it would feel as though I was trying to replace my old dog... Heather and YP Puppy Rescue were so accommodating and reassuring, letting me come up to meet Ike before I had to make my final decision. They really wanted this to be a good match.

A few weeks later, once he was desexed and ready, we drove up to the Yorke Peninsula. When I walked into the rescue, Cooper immediately came over and sat on my feet. I was his. No doubt about it. No indecision. This was it. So we loaded all his things up and headed home.

Cooper’s adoption fee included a whole swag of goodies (blanket, toys, treats, collar, seatbelt clip, harness, pyjamas, you name it- he had it), plus he was desexed and micro-chipped, fully vaccinated and wormed.

This was four years ago and I have never looked back. I couldn’t imagine life without Cooper and am so grateful every day for Heather & YP Puppy Rescue and the incredible, selfless work they do.

Because of his rocky start to life, Cooper has never loved being left home alone. So now it’s my mission to find as many dog friendly places around Adelaide and South Australia that we can explore together!

Find out more about YP Puppy Rescue here, or via their facebook page or website.