YP Puppy Rescue

YP Puppy Rescue started in March 2011, and as of June 2019 have had 1,275 puppies, dogs and kittens come to our rescue.

We have a very small band of dedicated foster carers, and our vet, Seaside vets, supports the work we do.

We work with regional pounds to save the lives of those dogs left by their previous owners, accepting puppies from newborn upwards.

Our expertise lays with

  • hand rearing orphan/rejected puppies
  • bringing in heavily pregnant Mum dogs and giving them somewhere safe, clean and private to have their puppies
  • loving the elderly dogs whose owners may have gone into care themselves, or have passed away, ensuring all their needs are catered to, often remaining within the rescue, and lovingly called “The Twilighters” until it is time for them to pass, always surrounded by love
  • finding wonderful homes through an adoption process for those who are needing their own people to love

All the dogs, pups and kittens that are adopted out are de-sexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea treated, fed a premium diet, and have basic manners taught.

The puppies and dogs leave us with a new collar, lead, a harness, seat belt extender, with pups taking their night-time teddies and a blanket.

We will engage professional trainers if we feel a dog will benefit and some do need intervention.

YP Puppy Rescue are very involved in our community, assisting Domestic Violence victims, by boarding (at no cost) their dogs until the owners are safe and able to have their best friend returned.

We also help people who find themselves hospitalised, by providing a loving environment for their pet, taking the worry away for the patient, they know their four-legged friend is being well looked after (at no cost to the owner)

We even work alongside mental health agencies, giving assistance when needed, either by helping with pet food, vet bills, or just providing a safe haven for much loved pets on a temporary basis whilst the owners receive treatment etc.

YPPR will always try and help those who may need it, and this is all made available at no cost to those who reach out for help.

We rely on the general public to donate to the rescue, to be able to continue our work, and provide a reliable and trusted service for the Yorke Peninsula and Port Pirie in SA.

YP Puppy Rescue are much more than “just a rescue”… “One by one, we will save them”


You can find out more about YPPR by visiting their facebook page or website.


How Can You Help?

  • Adopt a puppy, older dog, or kitten from YP Puppy Rescue

  • Do you shop at Foodland? Message YP Puppy Rescue through their facebook page to receive a Foodland tag. Swipe this little tag, and for every $2 you spend, YPPR receives 1 cent!

  • Donate new leads, harnesses, toys, blankets etc to the rescue

  • Keep an eye out for their facebook auctions and place a bid on an item

  • Donate money towards vet bills. They are a registered charity (non tax deductible) and their bank account details are available on the YP Puppy Rescue website

  • buy a Take Me Too doggy bandana, all proceeds go to YPPR!